I Hate Bankers: Why The Financial System Is a Fraud

I hate bankers! I'm not sure if God exists, but I'm certain the devil does: the modern financial system is all the proof I need. It took someone who had completely sold their soul to Satan to come up with this abomination! 
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I Hate Bankers Because They Create NOTHING!

The modern financial system is ridiculous. It's fraudulent and wasteful. Banks create nothing of value, yet they devour the lion's share of the goods and services created by others.

What do the banks buy and sell? Money. Currency. Financial instruments. These things are not actual goods or services, but they are simply variables that stand in the place of goods and services created by others.

Remember algebra and equations like 5x - 3 = 7? Money is like the "x." Basically, currency is a variable in the equations that allow you to compare values of goods and services and add or subtract them.  

So banks trade "x's." Not raw materials. Not labor. Not new product designs. None of that. But because you need to use currency as a variable to facilitate exchanges, they manage to insert their rapacious claws into just about every sale that takes place, sucking up between 1.5% and 3.5% of each transaction. Then, because the financial system has resulted in steady inflation, eroding the value of real goods and services creative by productive members of society, most individuals and businesses have to borrow from the banks in order to keep up. Then the banks bundle these loans and create financial instruments, which they sell at a markup, sometimes back to the very same people whose loans are being monetized in the first place, via mutual funds and retirement accounts. 

The Government Basically Gives the Banks Their Inventory

But where do bankers get the bulk of their inventory? From the central bankers, i.e., the Fed, who are continually expanding the monetary supply like there's no tomorrow!

The Fed gives out practically interest-free loans, but not to productive members of society like workers or entrepreneurs. They give this practically free money only to the bankers. Then the bankers take this money, which is something pretty much everyone needs (unless you want to get everything by bartering for it at flea markets and yard sales and other such places), and lend it to us at a huge markup. 

You would think this would be enough for these greedy bankers. They get to sell something everyone needs. They get their inventory practically for free from the government. Ordinary people and businesses generally cannot get this "product" directly from the government, so they have to go through the banks. Basically the government sets up the bankers as middlemen in the buying and selling of an essential product. And then the bankers get to charge whatever the hell they want for it.

It would be as if the government generated electricity (something else pretty much everyone needs) and gave it away to private utility companies, who then marked up the electricity by about 25,000%. How could the utilities not make an obscene profit?

Yet somehow, even with an easy gravy train like this, the bankers STILL manage to screw it up. This easy money just isn't enough for these fat cats, so they gamble with the financial instruments they create out of all the money everyone else owes them. They make wild bets, and when they're on a lucky roll and their pals at the Fed are keeping their asset bubbles inflated, these piece of shit bankers preach an Ayn-Rand-style gospel of unabashed selfishness and greed. But when the bubble bursts and their bets go bad, suddenly these same bankers come unashamedly and unapologetically to the government, hats in hand, demanding a bailout. 

If you or I rob a bank, we go to prison. But if bankers rob the bank, they get a bailout and big bonuses. 

I've heard the expression, "Don't hate the player, hate the game." In this case, the game needs to be shut down, because it's nowhere close to being a level playing field with fair and impartial referees. It's a casino, where the house has rigged every machine and table to screw their "customers" over and make their owners rich, and if the house ever miscalculates and loses money, the owners don't shoulder these losses; they pass them onto "we the people." Capitalism when they win; socialism when they lose. What a con!

I haven't been a fan of recent protest movements like those sponsored by BLM, Inc., which is another con game (follow the money!) or Antifa, which is a bunch of confused morons who are good at destroying things but terrible at creating anything worthwhile. But I miss the Occupy Wall Street protests, because at least they correctly identified a major flaw in the globalist system: the fraudulent financial system. 

Why Do We Need the Banks?

Here's my suggestion: since our culture is hooked on the currency created by the central banks, let's cut out the middle-man and just have individuals and businesses create accounts with the central banks. Maybe it would be better not to have central banks or fiat currency at all, but that train left the station decades ago, and I don't see any feasible way of undoing that trend. Maybe I'm wrong and someone can come up with a realistic plan to make modern society work without central banks, but I'm not holding my breath. Instead, I'm willing to accept The Fed as a necessary evil and just eliminate the loan-sharks that stand between The Fed and ordinary people and businesses. These bankers don't add any real value, but they suck up the lion's share of economic gains.

Hating Banks and Bankers Does NOT Make One Anti-Semitic

Now, some yahoos think that being anti-banker somehow makes you anti-Semitic, which I do not understand. If you're Jewish, I guess you can't get a break, because you're stereotyped as a Rothschild-esque banker or . . . you're stereotyped as a Marxist commie. Somehow both of these tropes were pushed by the Nazis and by their ideological descendants, the white nationalists, without these racist imbeciles noticing the contradiction. "Hey, you're a predatory capitalist, AND you're a communist..." Kind of like saying, "Hey, yo mama's so fat, the phone company gave her her own area code! And also, yo mama's so skinny, she makes Popeye's girlfriend look curvy!" Doesn't make sense. Remember that both Bernie Sanders AND George Soros are Jewish. Bernie is as anti-banker as they come. George Soros is a total piece of shit, not because he's Jewish, but because he's a greedy, hypocritical, self-righteous scumbag who makes his living screwing people over, but then tries to salve his conscience by showering his dirty money all over radical left-wing causes. Being Jewish has nothing to do with banking. 

More on Why I Hate Bankers

If you want to hear more of my heartwarming message about how much I hate bankers and how the modern financial system is a complete fraud, you can listen to the episode of the What's Wrong with America? podcast entitled Bankers Are Satan's Little Helpers! You can listen below using the embedded podcast player, or you can download and listen to it using iTunes/Apple Podcast, Google Podcasts, Spotify, or your favorite podcast app.


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