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I Hate Bankers: Why The Financial System Is a Fraud

I hate bankers! I'm not sure if God exists, but I'm certain the devil does: the modern financial system is all the proof I need. It took someone who had completely sold their soul to Satan to come up with this abomination!  I HATE BANKERS!!! I Hate Bankers Because They Create NOTHING! The modern financial system is ridiculous. It's fraudulent and wasteful. Banks create nothing of value, yet they devour the lion's share of the goods and services created by others. What do the banks buy and sell? Money. Currency. Financial instruments. These things are not actual goods or services, but they are simply variables that stand in the place of goods and services created by others. Remember algebra and equations like 5x - 3 = 7? Money is like the "x." Basically, currency is a variable in the equations that allow you to compare values of goods and services and add or subtract them.   So banks trade "x's." Not raw materials. Not labor. Not new product desig