Racist Lori Lightfoot Refuses Interviews with White Reporters

Chicago has been in a death-spiral in recent years, and that probably won't change any time soon. Violent crime rates are going up rapidly after years of steady declines. BLM and its idiotic racist hooligans riot when armed black men are injured in shoot-outs with police. COVID lockdowns have decimated the local economy. And during these trying times, what is racist mayor Lori Lightfoot's top priority? Refusing interviews with white reporters because they are white.

racist mayor lori lightfoot refuses interviews with white reporters
Racist Mayor Lori Lightfoot

I'm still waiting to hear any protests from the supposedly tolerant Left. 

I never liked Trump, and a large part of why I didn't like him was that I thought he needlessly inflamed racial and ethnic tensions just to score cheap political points. And while some Republicans and conservatives ("Republican" and "conservative" are NOT the same thing, as Trump clearly demonstrated) criticized Trump for this, too few did. 

I thought that the racial and ethnic tensions would subside somewhat, once Trump left office. I was cautiously optimistic that Joe Biden would reign in the radical Left while rebuilding the political center and restoring bi-partisan partnerships on important issues. Unfortunately, none of that happened.

Trump has been de-platformed by big tech, but the biggest racists are still on all those platforms, spewing their toxic prejudice with impunity. Why? Because it's okay to be openly and unapologetically racist in America today, as long as you are the right skin color, i.e., black, and hold the correct political beliefs, i.e., Stalinism.

Lori Lightfoot, the incompetent mayor of the failing city of Chicago, is the latest example of this. Lightfoot indicated that she was tired of seeing too many white reporters covering city hall, so she would grant one-on-one interviews only to "black and brown" reporters. I don't know how she'll determine who's brown and who's not. Maybe she'll do a brown-paper-bag test? And if the person is too light-skinned, maybe she'll make them provide a birth certificate showing their race really is black?

Why is any of this okay with the hypocrites on the Left? They cry and complain about anything and everything that could possibly be construed as racist against black people, even if racism is the least likely explanation, yet they are okay with black people practicing racism against others? What is the principle here? That if you have the power to do so, you should discriminate against people who don't look like you? If racism is wrong -- which it certainly is -- then it's wrong no matter who practices it. Two wrongs don't make a right.

But even if my friends on the Left are not persuaded by moral arguments, like "Do unto others what you would have them do unto you," they should take heed of the consequences of this course of action. Racist discrimination breeds racial hostility, and racial hostility leads to social disorder and violence. Keep doing this, and you will compel white Americans to resort to similar tactics: the identity-politics on the Left leads inexorably to the ascendancy of white identity politics on the Right. If you want another Trump, but one who is more openly racist, then keep playing the racial grievance game. And if you do that, then EVERYONE loses, white and black alike. Identity politics based on stupid notions of racial essentialism are poison: if you drink the Left's "critical race theory" Kool-Aid, you will only harm yourself and your community in the long run.

And the worst thing about all of this is that it is completely unnecessary. Black and brown people are doing better today than ever before. I'm not saying we've overcome all the legacies of racism and discrimination, but immense progress has been made. If a white person calls someone the "N-word" today, it makes national news and the white person is typically fired from their job and condemned by the entire community. Think about that! And compare that to the really open and violent racism against blacks in the 1960s, and any HONEST person with half a brain will acknowledge that we have made real and substantial progress.

The City of Chicago is a perfect example of the progress made in providing real and meaningful opportunities for black and brown Americans to rise to positions of power and prestige. The mayor of Chicago is black. The chief of police, David Brown, is black. The city treasurer, Melissa Conyears-Ervin, is black. A two-term -- TWO-TERM -- President of the United States from Chicago is black. And this is a city that is 50% white (according to the U.S. Census Bureau)! If anything, whites are terribly underrepresented in city government, relative to their share of the population. Yet Lori Lightfoot proclaims that it is high time to discriminate openly against whites . . . to what end, exactly? To undermine race relations? To dehumanize half the city's population? To lend credence to neo-Nazi propaganda about the inevitability of a race war?

Lori Lightfoot is a terrible mayor and a deplorable human being. Her decision to refuse interviews with reporters based solely on the color of their skin is racist, idiotic, and immoral. I hope she faces legal consequences for her despicable abuse of power and her open and obvious racism. And if the people of Chicago re-elect her, they will get what they deserve: a once-great city going straight down the toilet.


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