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Racist Lori Lightfoot Refuses Interviews with White Reporters

Chicago has been in a death-spiral in recent years, and that probably won't change any time soon. Violent crime rates are going up rapidly after years of steady declines. BLM and its idiotic racist hooligans riot when armed black men are injured in shoot-outs with police. COVID lockdowns have decimated the local economy. And during these trying times, what is racist mayor Lori Lightfoot's top priority? Refusing interviews with white reporters because they are white. Racist Mayor Lori Lightfoot I'm still waiting to hear any protests from the supposedly tolerant Left.  I never liked Trump, and a large part of why I didn't like him was that I thought he needlessly inflamed racial and ethnic tensions just to score cheap political points. And while some Republicans and conservatives ("Republican" and "conservative" are NOT the same thing, as Trump clearly demonstrated) criticized Trump for this, too few did.  I thought that the racial and ethnic tensions