Open Letter to Tariq Nasheed, Racist Race Baitor

When I saw Tariq Nasheed's racist tweet, I judged him harshly. However, I now see that Nasheed is himself a victim in all this. As it turns out, Nasheed is more severely mentally disabled than the hotel employee he made fun of. Nasheed is a former short-bus rider and a habitual window licker. Feeling sorry for him, I decided to apologize in the following open letter . . .

Image of Racist Tweet by Tariq Nasheed of Holiday Inn Video - Disabled Employee Having Mental Breakdown
Racist Tweet from Tariq Nasheed

Thursday, April 29, 2021


Mr. Tariq A. Nasheed, Self-Proclaimed Leader of the Mongoloids – I mean, Melanoids:

Greetings and salutations, fool!

Normally, I use the term “fool” ironically, possibly with an outdated cultural reference to Mr. T and the pity he showed fools like you. In your case, however, there is nothing ironic about my use of the term “fool” to refer to you. You, sir, are a fool.  Literally. Your brain functions at an extremely poor level.

But before I discuss your obvious cognitive deficits, let me apologize for misjudging your character. I heard about your viral Tweet of the video of an apparently Autistic hotel employee being berated by an angry and narcissistic customer, and I saw that you had decided to highlight the races of those involved in an inflammatory way. When I saw the Tweet, it was as bad as I had heard, and so I thought you were cruel, inhumane, racist demagogue. However, I now realize that you are none of those things: you are simply very, very stupid.

Tariq, you call yourself “the world’s #1 race[ist] baitor.” When I saw all your blatantly racist rhetoric, I thought you were like all those other professional racists, like Al Sharpton and Ibram X-Marks-the-Spot Kendi and attorney Ben Chump, con-men who lie, cheat, and steal by inflaming racial divisions for their own personal profit. But you’re not like any of those guys: they are very skilled liars and demagogues; you honestly believe all of your bad ideas because you are unable to think critically about them.

I reviewed several of your Tweets, as well as various discussions and debates you have had with others on Twitter, and although I could find all kinds of wild claims that you have made, I could not find a single identifiable argument that you made in support of any of those claims! Not one!

Normally, when someone arrives at an illogical conclusion, it is because he is reasoning badly: in your case, it is because you are not reasoning at all. It’s not that you are making bad arguments, it’s that you’re not making any arguments: all you do is state conclusions, without any premises or logical support.

This made me wonder about all the people, including me, who have been attacking you because of your cruelty towards the mentally disabled: maybe we are all unwittingly hypocrites, because we were attacking YOU, Tariq Nasheed, an obviously mentally disabled person. And when I started thinking about the extent of your severe cognitive deficits, I realized that you should receive our sympathy, not our scorn.

A person is considered to have an intellectual disability if his IQ is below 70. IQ is determined by dividing a person’s mental age by his chronological age and then multiplying by 100. Judging from your functional illiteracy and complete inability to make or to understand the most basic arguments, I would estimate your mental age to be around five. Just to be charitable, I’ll round up to ten. Now, this is being VERY charitable, as most ten-year-old kids have much higher cognitive ability than you. But let’s just say your mental age is ten. Your chronological age is 46. So your IQ is ten divided by 46, multiplied by 100. That would give you an IQ of 22. Tariq, you are very special.

Tariq, you having such a low IQ – 22! – Twenty-two! Where normal is 100! And the standard deviation is 15! Meaning your intelligence is five – FIVE!!! – standard deviations below normal! I am so sorry, Tariq! I am so sorry that you really lost so badly in the genetic lottery. 

Tariq, I want to congratulate you for doing as much as you have been able to do. There’s a saying, “Of those to whom much is given, much is expected.” In your case, intellectually, you were given very little, so the fact that you are not a complete vegetable is amazing.

Despite your primitive brain function, you have even attempted to make art. I see that you had a rap career where you explored the meaning of the phrase “wash yo’ ass” for an entire album entitled, appropriately enough, “Wash Yo’ Ass.” Ordinarily, I would say that’s pretty freaking stupid, but given your actual IQ, that is really very amazing that you were able to come up with art, even art as idiotic as a rap album called “Wash Yo’ Ass.” I mean, caveman art is more insightful than your inane raps, but the Neanderthals who made those cave drawings were not as handicapped as you are.

Tariq, I am proud of you. People with IQs as low as yours are usually on permanent disability and are completely unable to work or care for themselves. However, you can feed yourself, wash yo’ own ass (hope you like that little reference there to your brilliant rap album, “Wash Yo’ Ass”), dress yourself, and use the bathroom without assistance. You can form words, even though you use them incorrectly, and occasionally you are able to form a complete sentence – those sentences may be nonsense, but they are technically complete sentences. And you are able to interact on social media. All of this is remarkable, given your extreme mental handicaps.

So, Tariq, I want to apologize. I criticized you for attacking a mentally disabled man at a low point in his life, but in reality, it is you who are mentally disabled. Severely mentally disabled. What we used to, in the old days, call “retarded,” which literally just means slow, so when “retarded” became politically incorrect, we called people like you “slow,” until “slow” became politically incorrect, and then we called people like you “special,” until that became politically incorrect to say. I guess I could call you an “idiot,” since that used to be a technical term for a person with a low IQ like you, before it became an insult, which is still okay to use – you can call people “idiots” and get away with it, even though “idiot” seems every bit as insensitive as the term “retarded,” but I can’t keep up with the politically-correct lexicon, since it changes every few minutes. Anyway, Tariq, I’m not sure what the politically correct term is for people like you, i.e., those with an IQ of 22. But whatever term I use, Tariq, please know that I am not trying to be offensive; I am merely striving for accuracy.

Tariq, I apologize that I judged your intentions based on a “reasonable person” standard, i.e., I tried to interpret your words and actions in light of what a reasonable person would intend by them. Obviously, that was wrong. You are not a reasonable person. You may not even be a person: you may be subhuman, based on your primitive brain function. Maybe you are a Homo Erectus? That would explain your poor IQ and your complete inability to think critically. And for a Homo Erectus, you are very advanced, since you are able to use social media and other modern technology.

So Tariq, please accept my humble apologies, as well as my compliments on all that you have been able to do in spite of your severe mental handicaps. If you ever compete in the Special Olympics, I’m sure you will win a gold medal.


Daniel D


And if you want more words of wisdom from Tariq Nasheed, here's a video from YouTube with his classic rap album "Wash Yo Ass!" The lady who did this "reaction" video has some funny comments... Great stuff!

Great family fun with Tariq "Wash Yo Ass" Nasheed!


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