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Open Letter to Tariq Nasheed, Racist Race Baitor

When I saw Tariq Nasheed's racist tweet, I judged him harshly. However, I now see that Nasheed is himself a victim in all this. As it turns out, Nasheed is more severely mentally disabled than the hotel employee he made fun of. Nasheed is a former short-bus rider and a habitual window licker. Feeling sorry for him, I decided to apologize in the following open letter . . . Racist Tweet from Tariq Nasheed Thursday, April 29, 2021   Mr. Tariq A. Nasheed, Self-Proclaimed Leader of the Mongoloids – I mean, Melanoids : Greetings and salutations, fool! Normally, I use the term “fool” ironically, possibly with an outdated cultural reference to Mr. T and the pity he showed fools like you. In your case, however, there is nothing ironic about my use of the term “fool” to refer to you. You, sir, are a fool.  Literally. Your brain functions at an extremely poor level. But before I discuss your obvious cognitive deficits, let me apologize for misjudging your character. I heard about your viral T