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Greetings and salutations, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, they's and them's, or whatever freaking pronoun you prefer to use in your confused and ungrammatical state of self-awareness. This is a new blog I'm doing called "Angry Rants!"

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The Angry Rants Blog!

Hello World! And Fuck You Too!

This is my first post on this blog, so "Hello world...and fuck you too!" In this post, I will tell you who I am, what my message is, who my target audience is, and what you can expect to get out of reading this blog.

My name is Daniel D. I am not an alcoholic, because I have rediscovered marijuana. As the late comedian Bill Hicks overserved, pot is a much better drug than alcohol and much better for you. But even though I have been delivered from my alcoholism -- Hallelujah! -- by the heavenly herb, I still use the pen name "Daniel D" for two reasons: (1) I like the feel and format of recovery programs and (2) I love the writings of Franz Kafka and his unforgettable characters like "Joseph K" and just plain "K."

I also do The Crazy Comedy, Humor and Satire Podcast (available on Apple PodcastsSpotify, Google Podcasts, etc.), in which I do go on some pretty angry rants, but with that podcast I feel the need to make my material first and foremost comedic, humorous, or satirical. The anger and frustration and all that is secondary, if it is there at all (although it usually is). But in this blog, I am just going to let loose. No filter. No concern for polite social norms. No effort to dress it up and make it look artistic and presentable. Just raw, unadulterated, primal anger and frustration, channeled through the written word.

Basically, if you were to take the late comedian Sam Kinison's infamous scream -- "Oh! OHHHHH...!" -- and turn it into a blog post, maybe it would be something like the kinds of angry rants I'm going to be blogging about here.

Where Does the Anger in My Rants Come from?

Why am I so angry and frustrated? And why do I think there's an audience for angry and frustrated writing? Because modern society is based on SO MUCH BULLSHIT that you have two choices: (1) play along and pretend nicely, or (2) see the BULLSHIT for what it is and refuse to pretend that it is anything other than complete and utter BULLSHIT!

And if you refuse to play along and pretend nicely that all the bullshit is somehow cool and chic and natural and necessary and good and right, then the idiot masses and their self-serving, lying leaders will usually get pissed off at you. "Hey, you're fired! You can't talk like that! You're canceled! You can't tell the truth, when the truth might hurt someone's feelings or hurt their business or political agenda!" And when all this dishonest and hypocritical attacks are made on you, you will usually get pissed off.

The Target Audience for My Angry Rants

Who is my target audience for this blog? Anyone who is sick and tired of the bullshit, the hypocrisy, the lies, the rigged system, the unnatural norms, etc. If at some point in your life, you woke up and realized you've been lied to and taken advantage of by the shiny, happy people who are the fashionable "influencers" and puppet-masters of our anti-human culture, if you've been "red pilled," then you are just the type of person I am writing to.

What Will You Get from Reading My Angry Rants?

What will you get out of reading this blog? First and foremost, because we are social primates, there is great value in knowing you are not alone. It's not just you. The world really is insane and all fucked up. Our society really is run by self-righteous posers. The "conventional wisdom" really is a bunch of misleading propaganda designed to enrich the people at the very top of this rigged economy and social order. 

I don't care if you're Republican or Democrat or Independent, if you don't have the ability, right now, to call up a congressman and have them listen to you and do whatever you want done -- believe it or not, such people DO exist and THEY, not "the people," are the ones who run this republic -- if you're not one of the elites that can get city hall to do your bidding, if you are a REGULAR person, then you are among those getting fucked DAILY by the current regime. That's the hard truth; all the rest of the political propaganda and news stories by BOTH SIDES is pure BULLSHIT! But if you already know that, then you should also know that it's not just you, the system really is fucked up.

Second, if you are young enough to where you haven't yet spent years following the conventional wisdom only to realize you've been duped, then you can learn from the mistakes I've made and the real life lessons I learned the hard way.

Hope You Enjoy the Angry Rants Blog!

So hope you enjoy reading my angry rants on this blog! If you don't, then goodbye and good riddance. If you think I'm wrong and that our culture is fundamentally awesome, then go read TMZ and watch the latest fake-ass reality TV, because 99% of everything out there is marketed straight to sheep like you. Kindly fuck off and don't message me or let me know how much I offend you, because I will just make fun of you anyway. 

But if you do enjoy the angry rants I write, then you may also enjoy The Crazy Comedy, Humor and Satire Podcast. And if you have any suggestions or comments, feel free to let me know. Think of this blog like a recovery group for those who are sick and tired of the lies and manipulations of our mainstream culture. 


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