End Cancel Culture

Grow up, America! End cancel culture!

Once upon a time, if you didn't like a TV show, you watched something else. Granted, there were only three or four networks to choose from, so your options were limited. Sure, you could have written an angry letter to the local paper, but the network executives would never see it. You could call the local station, and they would have given you the standard line, "Thanks for sharing your concerns with us; I'll forward your complaint to the proper channels," and of course, the network executives would never hear about it. 

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End Cancel Culture!

Once upon a time,  the folks trying to get shit canceled were the religious wackos. The little old church ladies who were offended by the sight of Elvis gyrating his hips on Ed Sullivan, and rather than turn it off, they had to stare at the screen and complain aloud to no one in particular about how the youth were so immoral.

Once upon a time, it was the educated liberals who were standing up for freedom of speech. Once upon a time, college professors and journalists were the bulwark against the censorship demanded by reactionary mobs. "Hey, I don't necessarily agree with him, but he has a right to say it," was the kind of things they would say. Once upon a time, the ACLU would actually go to bat for someone who was being canceled because they had given utterance to an unpopular point of view. 

Once upon a time, the Left weren't all a bunch of HYPOCRITCAL, WHINY, SELF-RIGHTEOUS, BRATTY LITTLE BITCHES when it came to hearing things they disagreed with.

Here's the one and only thing that should matter when someone states a claim about the world: is it true? As Paul Graham said in his excellent essay "What You Can't Say," if a statement is false and you can show why it's false, that's really the most damning criticism you can make of it.

"Oh, you mean that guy is full of shit and almost nothing he says is true?" Yep. End of story -- or at least that should be the cultural response to shameless bullshitters like the Donald Trumps and Al Sharptons of the world.

But instead of Truth (which no one can agree about), we evaluate things people say based on other, more sophisticated (i.e., having a quality similar to the sophists with whom Socrates so vehemently disagreed) metrics to use to determine if the claim is legitimate. First, what is the race and ethnicity of the speaker? Somehow, a statement is better or worse if the person saying it is the right race (and somehow that's not racist, either). Second, does the statement agree with the religious tenets of Woke-ism? If so, whoo hoo! Let's shout that shit from the rooftops! 

Is it true? Who cares?!!! It's woke, and some intersectional douchebag is saying it, so it must be a legitimate claim!

Race and Cancel Culture

Truth is the best ally in the fight against racial and ethnic discrimination. 

Are people inherently better, more talented, or more intelligent merely because of their race or ethnicity? No! Full stop, end of story. Any claim to the contrary can be easily debunked. 

The best argument against historical segregation that restricted black people to menial occupations is the undeniable fact that so many talented and capable black people excel in exceptional roles: leaders, scholars, musicians, comedians, writers, doctors, you name it. Their mere existence refutes the premise on which Jim Crow was based.

But saying something that is patently untrue will not get you canceled today. It's not outright lies that the woke mob complains about, and their attacks on positions they dislike rarely involve appeals to facts or logic.

Instead, you will get canceled for violating the blasphemy laws of this new Woke-ist religion. For example, according to the sacred commandments of Wokeism, a white person can never, ever say the n-word, regardless of whether it ends in "r" or just a hip-hop inflected "a." Doesn't matter the context. Doesn't matter the intent. Doesn't matter if the person saying it actually is racist. Doesn't matter if the person is just lip-synching along with a popular rap song -- when it gets to the forbidden syllables, the white person must not even mouth the word silently. Of course, this most emphatically does NOT apply to "people of color" (POC). 

The POC at a rap concert can say the "n-word" -- they can say it LOUD and with FEELING -- but if they catch sight of a white person even appearing to say the word, they will suddenly get triggered and very offended and feel oppressed and unsafe. If they respond with violence, the white person is to blame; he or she had it coming. And if they respond by taking a picture or video of the offender and posting it online, the natural response from their employer is to fire them -- after all, how can you possibly do a job unrelated to lip-synching rap lyrics if you don't have sense enough to go mute when you're white and THAT word comes up in the song, even if it comes up OVER AND OVER and everyone else is doing it.

Sorry, but that's pure horseshit. I don't feel the need to say the word myself to prove any kind of point, and I would certainly not use the word to insult anyone, especially a person of African descent, given the history of that word in the context of our culture. But that said, I frankly couldn't care less if a white person raps along with a song that has the word in it. If the word offends you that much, then why are you saying it? And why are you listening to music where that word is used to punctuate every half-formed, inarticulate sentence?

"Oh, but it doesn't offend me if the person saying it is black..." If that's how you think, then it's obviously NOT the mere word itself that offends you, so please stop pretending like it is. If you think it's okay for a black rapper and all his black fans to say the word, but not okay for a white person at the same stupid concert to say the same word in the same way and with the same intent, then YOU are the racist asshole. Or you are an illogical hypocrite ("I'm an anti-racist, but if I see a white person do something that the black people around them are all doing, I'll make sure they get CANCELED!). Or you're both a racist asshole and an illogical hypocrite in which case YOU are the one who needs to be canceled, you fucking moron.

But the worst thing about the outcry that makes national news every time some random fucking idiot white person at a rap concert -- any person, white or black or any other color, who would pay money to hear some no-talent rapper essentially do karaoke to pre-recorded music, is a fucking idiot --  the absolute worst thing is that most of the people howling for the offender to be canceled and banished from the community are also white! Those self-loathing, guilt-ridden, Ivy League-educated but somehow down with they homies from the hood, woke white fucktards are the absolute worst of humanity.

But you know what's even worse than these limousine liberals trying to cancel another white person for allegedly singing the "n-word" at a rap concert? What's even worse is when these woke white dipshits try to scream at black conservatives (or even just non-woke black liberals like Glen Loury) about their insensitivity to the black struggle! No shit! You have fucking dumb-ass white window-lickers who will try to explain to someone like Candace Owens why she just doesn't get how hard it is to be black in America today. 

Is THAT not the motherload of racist hypocrisy?! "Hey, as a prep-school and Ivy-League educated white person, I am here to tell YOU, Candace Owens, that you are offensive to black people, such as yourself. The fact that you are not offended at yourself, but I am, shows how much more virtuous I am than you, you poor ignorant black girl!"

Look, I do not agree with Candace Owens very often, but goddammit if I don't find myself wanting to speak up for her when I hear stupid-ass white liberals criticizing her for allegedly mischaracterizing the black experience. 

Feminists and Cancel Culture

And then there's the feminist wackos who want to cancel "toxic masculinity." Hey feminist MORONS, how about toxic femininity? Like the kind of toxic femininity that thinks it's cool to have girls-only STEM clubs in schools because too many boys are dominating in science and tech, but they NEVER bother to address the fact that girls are MORE LIKELY than boys to do some pretty important things, like: graduate high school, go to college, get better grades in college, graduate college, go to post-graduate school, get a better job after graduation, etc. If girls are statistically more likely -- overwhelmingly more likely, in fact -- to have better outcomes than their male peers in life, then WHY THE FUCK DO SCHOOLS GET AWAY WITH DISCRIMINATING AGAINST BOYS?!!! 

Yes, discriminate. If they had a boys-only club for getting extra exposure to STEM subjects and extra encouragement aimed at boys to pursue careers in those fields, the feminists would be all up in arms about how sexist it is. Lawsuits would be filed. Apologies would be made. Administrators and teachers would be fired. Same thing if the schools allowed boys to wear shirts that say, "The Future Is Male!" and "Male Power!" and "Being a Boy Is My Superpower!" But if girls wear shirts like that, it's okay. Because we all supposedly know that boys are encouraged to exceed in school in ways that girls are not, right? Except that's just not true, and the statistics show it undeniably.   

Hey, you feminist pieces of shit, you want equality, as measured by identical outcomes? Then how about we mandate that many more women be arrested, incarcerated, and executed by the criminal justice system (or criminal injustice system, rather)? After all, the prisons and death row are filled disproportionately with men. How about we start encouraging girls to commit suicide, so that the number of female suicides increases to match the number of male suicides? Oh, you're not really so committed to absolute equality, are you?

And similar to the hypocritical white "anti-racists," the very WORST feminists are the males. They are so desperate for female approval to compensate for their "mommy" issues, they are willing to sign on to an anti-male political movement based on patently false premises and committed to subverting science and reason whenever it suits their political agenda. I hope all these male feminists choke to death the next time they suck their mama's tits. Fucking losers. 

LGBTQ and Cancel Culture

And then there's the trans movement. Where do you even start with this? Look, it's a free country. If you want to live as a man, a woman, or "Pat" from the early 90s-era of SNL, then just fucking do it, and shut the fuck up! Why do you have to reinvent the fucking language and add a bunch of nonsensical pronouns (like referring to an INDIVIDUAL as "they" and "them") and demand that everyone else use them just the way you would like, under threat of CANCELLATION! Fuck you!

As an aside, if a trans person asks me to refer to her as "her," then I'll gladly refer to her as "her." Or if he wants me to call him "him," I will do it. I have no problem with that. Of course, letting a trans female compete in women's sports against biological females is a whole different story. And frankly, I am amazed to see the supposed "party of science" be so baldly unscientific about this. Fucking hypocrites.

But I, personally, have no problem calling someone by his or her preferred pronoun, but goddammit, don't say you're going to make me do it, under penalty of cancellation. If you do, then you are backing me into a corner, and my commitment to free speech and logic and evidence and all that is stronger than my commitment to your overly fragile self-esteem. GROW UP AND STOP WHINING!

I just love it when a group claims that it is disenfranchised and powerless and marginalized, yet they manage to get ANYONE who doesn't agree with them FIRED. How powerless can you be? You evidently have enough power to hijack the civil rights movement (even though your group tends to be wealthier and better connected than the racial and ethnic minorities who started the civil rights movement) and then commandeer the fucking dictionary and make it change age-old definitions to suit your stupid agenda. How the hell can you seriously be considered weak and vulnerable when you can do all that?

End Cancel Culture!

I could go on and on. Basically, we need to end cancel culture. It's not even a question of "right-thinking" people, it's a question of THINKING people. That is, people who are strong and intelligent enough to do their OWN thinking, rather than outsource their thinking to some stupid group and it's emotionally unstable leadership. The thinking people in America need to stand up and not be silent. Fuck these whiny liberal bitches that want to cancel everyone who hurts their precious little feelings. Next time they demand someone be canceled, cancel THEM!


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