Black Lives Matter Inc (BLM) Is a Bunch of Racist Assholes

Black Lives Matter (BLM) is a bunch of racist assholes: BLM stands for "Bullshitters Lying and Misleading America"

Black Lives Matter, Inc. (BLM) is a bunch of racist assholes. Its leadership is racist, and its members and supporters are too often either racist themselves or the useful idiots of avowed racists.

But before I address the flagrant racism and hypocrisy of BLM, let me clarify a few things first: I agree with many of the aims that BLM and its supporters have expressed or claim to support. 

Like BLM activists, I want to end the misguided and immoral War on Drugs. Ta-Nehisi Coates and Michelle Alexander have pretty convincingly demonstrated that the "war on drugs" originated as a proxy war against blacks and other minorities. And John Ehrlichman, who was President Nixon's domestic policy chief, candidly admitted later in life that the Nixon Administration's renewal of the "War on Drugs" was motivated by a desire to fight blacks and the anti-war movement at the same time. (See,  So I 100% agree with the criticisms of the War on Drugs as racist in origin, in addition to all the other legitimate criticisms that can and should be made of it (e.g., that it is a waste of resources, that it violates individual autonomy, etc.).

Like BLM activists, I also believe our mass incarceration, particularly for non-violent crimes -- and even more so for drug offenses, is a real blight on the supposed "land of the free." We should eliminate mandatory minimums, especially for drug crimes (which shouldn't even be crimes). We definitely need to eliminate private prisons, and although I doubt I will convince anyone to support this: I think we should bring back cruel and unusual punishments for the predatory capitalists who have driven this private prison boon by bribing -- I mean, supporting the campaigns and PACs of -- corrupt politicians. And we should skin the corrupt politicians alive and dump their dying bodies on top of fire ant mounds. But I digress...

I wholeheartedly agree with the demands, by both BLM on the Left and Libertarians on the Right, for real and meaningful police reform. The militarization of police is alarming; or at least it should be alarming to anyone who claims to love freedom and value the Constitution and specifically the Bill of Rights. Asshole police officers who abuse their power and unnecessarily escalate conflicts like entitled toddlers throwing a temper tantrum should be held accountable, civilly and criminally. I also believe that implicit bias has been demonstrated empirically and should be addressed through rigorous training and re-training of law enforcement officers. Although racism is not nearly as all-pervasive as the BLM wackos would have us all believe, it does exist, and wherever police exhibit objective signs of real racism, they should be immediately fired, and if they violate any laws, they should be prosecuted.

And yes, I saw the video of George Floyd getting killed in broad daylight, and yes I was appalled. It was every bit as sickening as anyone has said. I hope the former Minneapolis police officer who murdered him, Derek Chauvin, gets what's coming to him in prison (hope his asshole is good and lubed up!). And I absolutely agree that this killing, as well as thousands of others like it, show beyond doubt that police departments across America need more oversight and accountability.  

For a time after George Floyd was killed, I thought BLM was fighting the good fight. Just like I did after John Crawford was gunned down by incompetent cops, and after Sandra Bland was bullied and arrested by a piece of shit officer in Texas, which led to her suicide, all arising over a fucking failure to signal a lane change when she was changing lanes only because the cop had zoomed up behind her and was riding her tail. 

I agreed with BLM about the case that started the whole movement: Treyvon Martin. In that case, a wannabe cop, George Zimmerman, followed and initiated contact with Martin, whom he did not know, on a dark and rainy night, while Martin was walking alone, minding his own business. From Martin's perspective, Zimmerman would have seemed suspicious and threatening -- how would you feel if you were by yourself and being followed by some strange man at night for reasons unknown to you, and then that man got out of his truck and started walking aggressively towards you? Zimmerman created a situation in which Martin felt like he had to defend himself, and that, in turn, led to Zimmerman feeling like he needed to shoot Martin. The whole thing was terrible, and it's a crime that Trayvon Martin was killed because of George Zimmerman's reckless behavior. 

I thought, like so many other people, that every other week we're hearing about another black man or woman getting killed or unjustly arrested by some stupid-ass, power-hungry, ego-tripping cop who should never have been given a gun and a badge and carte blanche authority to harass people or arrest them. So I thought I agreed with and supported BLM.

But then I got red pilled. Yes, red pilled. I learned something really quite surprising. Contrary to how the racist and lying mainstream media was reporting it, this was not primarily a black issue. This was not primarily a race issue. This was a human rights issue affecting people of ALL races.

As it turns out, the "all lives matter" chants at Trump rallies were actually an appropriate retort to BLM protesters.

Video from The Glenn Show: The False Narrative about Police and Race

The Facts that BLM Won't Admit

Did you know that the majority of people killed by police each year are white? (This is according to NIH statistics.) 

What is the BLM response to this inconvenient truth? "Oh, but black people are disproportionately more likely to get killed by police, relative to their share of the overall population." True, but is that solely attributable to racism? I mean, it could have something to do with crime rates, couldn't it?

Maybe black people have disproportionate dealings with the police because black people commit a disproportionate number of violent crimes and are also disproportionately the victims of violent crimes, and black people disproportionately live in high-crime neighborhoods. This is not something I'm saying to promote any kind of racist ideology or agenda; I am 100% positive that social causes originating ultimately in slavery and Jim Crow are ultimately at the root of these disparities: but regardless of the historical genesis of these problems, the fact remains that a disproportionate number of violent crimes occur in predominantly black communities, violent crimes are disproportionately committed by black criminals, and victims of violent crime are also disproportionately black. (See That is a fact that HAS TO BE addressed if we are going to have a productive discussion about the role of race in America's criminal justice system. Instead, this fact is buried and ignored by BLM and its lying enablers in the mainstream media.

Moreover, a lot of these interactions between police and young black men are initiated by calls to the police from . . .  you guessed it: black victims! Runaway crime rates in the 80s and early 90s disproportionately affected the neighborhoods where black people lived. And that is why the now-infamous 1994 crime bill was fully supported at the time by black community leaders and black politicians.

We may wish that the tendency to commit violent crimes, or the tendency to be victims of such crimes, or the tendency to live in places where violent crimes are more likely to occur, etc., did not correspond with race the way that it does, but it does. And pretending the world is the way we want it to be, instead of the way that it actually is, will not solve any real-world problems. 

If a group commits a disproportionate amount of violent crime, and if that same group is also victimized by a disproportionate amount of violent crime, and if that same group also lives disproportionately in the most high-crime neighborhoods, then you can reasonably expect that the group will have a disproportionate number of contacts with the police. Those things kind of go together. And acknowledging inconvenient, but true facts about the world is not racist: it's just being honest.

But let's get back to the demographic most frequently killed by police: white males. Did you know that for every video of a black man getting killed by police, there are videos of white men getting killed by police in the exact same way? In many of those videos, the races are reversed: black cop shooting white man. 

But I'll be damned if I have ever heard from the mainstream media about ANY of those white victims of police brutality. 

George Floyd? Coast-to-coast 24-hour front-page headline news. 

But Tony Timpa, who was killed in a similar manner by police in 2016? Nope, I had NEVER heard of him. Oh yeah, and Tony Timpa was white, so I guess his death really ain't all that important. So his killing got relegated to local news coverage only. FUCK YOU CNN! FUCK YOU MSNBC! You racist piece of shit networks! 

Oh yeah, another thing about Tony Timpa. After he was already in handcuffs, the police continued kneeling on him for 13 minutes -- longer than Derek Chauvin kneeled on George Floyd -- and while he was dying, the police joked callously with each other about his plight. And then he died. And then a federal judge threw out the excessive force case against the police officers.  

But I don't recall any organizations crying out for justice for Tony Timpa. Nobody in NYC or LA or Chicago gave a fuck about him or said his name, like they did for George Floyd, because Timpa was white. If you're the wrong color, these racist-ass social justice warriors and BLM hypocrites don't give a damn. No protests. No riots. No nothing.

And there are thousands of Tony Timpas out there: unarmed white men killed by police. In fact, there are many more Tony Timpas than George Floyds.

How Skewed Media Coverage Affects Public Perceptions of Race and Racism

Now, once upon a time, black activists would get upset because of the way black people were portrayed in the media, especially when blacks were portrayed as violent criminals. So a lot of media organizations stopped highlighting the race of the perpetrator and victim, UNLESS it fit the narrative that white people are violent racists towards black people.

For example, there have been a recent spike in hate crimes against Asians, especially in the Bay Area in California. So the media highlights the race of the victim, but in almost all the mainstream media coverage I've seen, they somehow never mention the attacker's race. Hmmm. Turns out, these attacks are pretty much all committed by black criminals. (See, Small wonder that fact is actively suppressed. 

But when a WHITE man kills a group of people, consisting mostly of Asians, but also including a couple of other white people, and when that white killer denies that race was a motive, the mainstream media suddenly become VERY concerned about the supposed threat that white supremacists pose to Asian-Americans. (See, e.g., this article from Time Magazine, which is a piece of shit racist publication:

Yep, because you best believe whenever white men commit hate crimes against people of another race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, etc., the race of the criminal attacker IS highlighted, very loudly. Stories about racist white people get clicks and eyeballs, so our racist and lying mainstream media will promote the hell out of any stories fitting that narrative. 

Anyway, the activists who fought against the negative portrayals of black people in the media correctly understood something about human psychology: the "Availability Bias." Here's an example of the availability bias: stories about airplane crashes make big headlines, while stories about car crashes rarely do; unsurprisingly, many people think flying is more dangerous than driving, even though it is actually much safer. 

Here's how the availability bias is working in America right now in the area of race and criminal justice: most Americans think that police killing unarmed suspects is something that happens only to black people. 

Here's an example of an exchange that I had with a self-deluded moron on social media (I should have known better). This guy, let's call him Dim, posted something to the effect that if white people were ever killed by police the way black people are, they would riot too. So I replied that this is incorrect, because actually it does happen to white people all the time, and I linked to a video showing a black police officer shooting an unarmed white man. 

Dim then retorted that I had found the needle in the haystack. I said that, no, contrary to popular belief, the statistics show that more white men are killed by police than black men. He replied, "You know what you can do with all your statistics," implying, I suppose, that I could shove them up my ass or something. 

I responded that I did know what we could do with statistics, we could use them to guide real and meaningful police reform and then measure how successful the reforms were. Without responding to any of my points, Dim then launched into an ad hominem attack, accusing me, not of being mistaken or ignorant of the relevant facts, but of . . . wait for it! . . . being a white supremacist. What a shock that he would play that like a trump card. Nothing I had said could reasonably be interpreted as supporting any kind of belief that one race is superior to another, but that's how SJW morons shut down a conversation with someone who knows and is willing to state the inconvenient truths that undermine their agenda.

Basically, I realized that I was dealing, not with a reasonable human being, but with a cult member: a religious zealot who would wage verbal jihad on anyone who questioned the sacred creed of Woke-ism.

Now this window-licker, Dim, is just like millions of other people. He has seen all the videos and front-page stories about black people getting killed by police, and he concludes that this is something that happens only to black people. And because he NEVER sees the videos and stories about how it happens to white people, he concludes that it must, in fact, never happen to whites. And by the time he does hear that the mainstream media narrative is not the whole story, he has been so steeped in quasi-religious propaganda from groups like BLM that he now identifies with their lies, so much so that he will angrily denounce anyone who questions his beliefs.

When you combine the flawed reasoning based on the availability bias with the insane religious commitments of Woke-ism, you have a toxic recipe that basically paralyzes the brains of those who agree with it. They are simply not capable of acknowledging or considering contrary evidence. As (I think) Jonathan Swift said: "you can't reason someone out of a position he didn't reason himself into." Once you've drunk the sacred Kool-Aid of Woke-ism, you pretty much outsource your thinking to the mainstream media and racist groups like BLM. And then your brain, which may never have been all that high-functioning to begin with, completely atrophies.

BLM Is a Bunch of Racist Assholes

So we have a premise that is the chief basis and raison d'ĂȘtre of Black Lives Matter, Inc. (BLM): that racist police are specifically targeting and unjustly killing black people.  And it turns out that premise is COMPLETELY FALSE. Total horseshit. 

Yes, there are racists who are police. Some are white. Some are black (yes, non-white people CAN be racist). And racism among police is a problem and needs to be addressed with real police reform, along with other needed reforms like ending the war on drugs, eliminating privately owned and operated prisons, better training, less military equipment, more accountability and oversight, etc.

But the central claim of BLM, that police forces across America are fundamentally racist and specifically targeting and executing black people, such that black people like LeBron James can reasonably claim to feel unsafe because the police have declared open season on young black men: that claim is complete bullshit.

But does BLM feel like it needs to address that? Nope, they won't even acknowledge it. And the mainstream media in America lets them get away with it.

And BLM also fails to make any distinctions among the cases of black men getting killed by police. We used to hear the phrase "unarmed black man" over and over. Of course, this ignores the reality that an unarmed person can be dangerous, especially if they are bigger, stronger, faster, and a better fighter than a lone police officer; and an "unarmed" black man who wrestles a police officer's gun from him won't be "unarmed" any more; and if the police officer has no backup nearby, then it is reasonable for that officer to be scared for his life, if an "unarmed" black man like Michael Brown is trying to take away his gun. 

But in addition to the obfuscations arising from the false implication that "unarmed" means "not dangerous," I've noticed something else. Whereas we used to hear about "unarmed black men" every time BLM got up in arms about a police killing, now it's just "black men." The "unarmed" part is no longer needed to get their misguided stooges out rioting and looting in the street. Now, a black man can be armed and even coming at the police, and if the police shoot him -- not even killing him, just injuring him -- good ol' BLM will be citing the shooting as evidence that the police need to be abolished and that rioting is justified.

For example, in Chicago, Latrell Allen, a young ARMED black man started shooting at police. SHOOTING AT POLICE. The police returned fire and wounded him. The response from BLM's idiot footsoldiers? Riot, loot, and burn shit up! Fuck yeah! That'll make sure the police don't mess with you! Nothing like committing criminal violence to make sure you don't get targeted by the police.

And what was BLM's official statement on the matter? To call out Chicago's leftist mayor, who is also black, for not caring about black people, and to threaten that "people will keep rising up until the CPD [Chicago Police Department] is abolished." Wow! If you want to convince people that police are not necessary, there's no better way to do it than rioting! (See

BLM Uses Race to Divide the Working Class: Just Like 17th-Century Slave Traders

BLM uses race in the same way as the slave-traders who created these racial concepts to increase their own power and profits, while dividing the working class into enemy factions based on arbitrary categories of race. If BLM has their way, we'll be stuck with these stupid racial categories till the end of time, with each group fighting a zero-sum game against every other racial or ethnic group. Rather than fighting together as natural allies against the elite class, the working poor will be fighting against each other, making them easy prey for the racist demagogues and identity politics of both the Left and the Right.

You know who does the best job of radicalizing poor and uneducated whites and convincing them to join alt-right nativist and racist groups? BLM, that's who. Every time one of these lying con men from BLM gets on a bullhorn and screams invective at the white people of America, he is helping to convince poor whites that the country is fundamentally against them now and that every nonwhite group has it in for them. And when that is their perception, which isn't entirely unreasonable if you spend five minutes listening to the rhetoric of the super-woke leftists at these BLM protests, then why wouldn't the poor whites go all-in with Trump when he tells them the country is being stolen by their enemies? If BLM and the race-hustlers out there want to make EVERYTHING about race and blame white people for EVERYTHING wrong in America, then it is only natural for the poor whites -- who aren't doing too well themselves right now -- look for an angry leader of their own to form their own coalition around their racial identity and grievances. 

And that cycle has clearly already started. BLM and Trump are like two sides of the same coin. So liberals, if you don't want another Trump, then stop promoting BLM, and take back the Democratic Party from the far Left.

Conclusion and Final "Fuck You's" to BLM and Its Racist Asshole Leadership    

Fuck BLM. That organization is a bunch of racist assholes. Hypocritical, lying, power-hungry, piece of shit, racists scumbags. 

And fuck the lying mainstream American media that enables them. Fuck Vox, fuck Time, fuck CNN, fuck MSNBC, fuck the New York Times ("all the lies that's fit to print"), and fuck the Washington (Com)Post. 

A really big fat "FUCK YOU!" to the founders of BLM. Fuck you, Alicia Garza. Fuck you, Patrisse Cullors.  Fuck you, Opal Tometi. For avowed Marxists, you assholes sure know how to milk the American economy like true capitalists: you lied and cheated your way to a comfortable living by fucking people over. I hope you all choke on the next mainstream media dick you suck. 

Oh, and here's a nice heartwarming story about Patrisse Cullors's multi-million dollar real estate holdings: Black lives matter, but not as much as my real estate, bitches!

Fuck you, Robin DiAngelo. Your White Fragility is a load of half-witted horseshit, with big chunks of undigested non sequiturs, circular reasoning, and histrionic garbage. If you're so mentally fragile, then speak for yourself: stop projecting your unresolved emotional issues onto other white people, you intellectual harlot. If you want to see a fragile and racist white person, go look in the mirror. 

And fuck you, Ibram X. Kendi, and fuck your piece of shit How to Be an Anti[White] Racist book. America is so irredeemably racist that its mainstream media and major retailers all promote your book of lies and make it a bestseller, making you a millionaire in the process. And then you jet set around the world giving speeches to self-hating white liberals who pay you tens of thousands of dollars to tell them how hopelessly evil they are. You are the epitome of a bullshitter. Just as bad as Donald Trump, and probably a lot more racist. You fuck.

Fuck all of you BLM racist assholes. You are all of the same ilk as George Wallace, Strom Thurmond, and other piece of shit white racists. You promote a racist agenda and ideology, with reckless disregard for the facts, in order to enrich yourselves and increase your own power and prestige. You freely sacrifice the public good for your own selfish gain. YOU are the ones keeping the slave-traders' legacy of racial divisions alive. You embody all that is wrong with American culture and the worst aspects of capitalism (even though some of you call yourselves Marxists). Fucking lying racist hypocrites. 


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