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Racist Lori Lightfoot Refuses Interviews with White Reporters

Chicago has been in a death-spiral in recent years, and that probably won't change any time soon. Violent crime rates are going up rapidly after years of steady declines. BLM and its idiotic racist hooligans riot when armed black men are injured in shoot-outs with police. COVID lockdowns have decimated the local economy. And during these trying times, what is racist mayor Lori Lightfoot's top priority? Refusing interviews with white reporters because they are white. Racist Mayor Lori Lightfoot I'm still waiting to hear any protests from the supposedly tolerant Left.  I never liked Trump, and a large part of why I didn't like him was that I thought he needlessly inflamed racial and ethnic tensions just to score cheap political points. And while some Republicans and conservatives ("Republican" and "conservative" are NOT the same thing, as Trump clearly demonstrated) criticized Trump for this, too few did.  I thought that the racial and ethnic tensions

Open Letter to Tariq Nasheed, Racist Race Baitor

When I saw Tariq Nasheed's racist tweet, I judged him harshly. However, I now see that Nasheed is himself a victim in all this. As it turns out, Nasheed is more severely mentally disabled than the hotel employee he made fun of. Nasheed is a former short-bus rider and a habitual window licker. Feeling sorry for him, I decided to apologize in the following open letter . . . Racist Tweet from Tariq Nasheed Thursday, April 29, 2021   Mr. Tariq A. Nasheed, Self-Proclaimed Leader of the Mongoloids – I mean, Melanoids : Greetings and salutations, fool! Normally, I use the term “fool” ironically, possibly with an outdated cultural reference to Mr. T and the pity he showed fools like you. In your case, however, there is nothing ironic about my use of the term “fool” to refer to you. You, sir, are a fool.  Literally. Your brain functions at an extremely poor level. But before I discuss your obvious cognitive deficits, let me apologize for misjudging your character. I heard about your viral T

Black Lives Matter Inc (BLM) Is a Bunch of Racist Assholes

Black Lives Matter, Inc. (BLM) is a bunch of racist assholes. Its leadership is racist, and its members and supporters are too often either racist themselves or the useful idiots of avowed racists. But before I address the flagrant racism and hypocrisy of BLM, let me clarify a few things first: I agree with many of the aims that BLM and its supporters have expressed or claim to support.  Like BLM activists, I want to end the misguided and immoral War on Drugs. Ta-Nehisi Coates and Michelle Alexander have pretty convincingly demonstrated that the "war on drugs" originated as a proxy war against blacks and other minorities. And John Ehrlichman, who was President Nixon's domestic policy chief, candidly admitted later in life that the Nixon Administration's renewal of the "War on Drugs" was motivated by a desire to fight blacks and the anti-war movement at the same time. (See,

Who Cares about the Royal Family?

Who Cares about the Royal Family?! These are trying times, in the USA and everywhere. A global pandemic has disrupted economies around the world, plunging millions into poverty. In the USA, the bottom half of all households have a negative net worth according to a Bloomberg article  -- and that was BEFORE THE PANDEMIC!  Then there's violent crime and mental health crises and deaths from despair. The suicide rate has been rising every year since the new millennium began. BEFORE THE PANDEMIC, in 2019, over 12 million adult Americans felt suicidal . Throughout the American heartland, communities have been destroyed by the opioid epidemic. And the past year has seen a massive rise in homicides and other violent crime. With disturbing social trends like these, we Americans obviously need to focus more attention and resources on . . . THE BRITISH ROYAL FAMILY? WTF?!!! Who cares about the royal family? Wait, let me guess, MORONS and our beneficent corporate overlords who want to keep the

End Cancel Culture

Grow up, America! End cancel culture! Once upon a time, if you didn't like a TV show, you watched something else. Granted, there were only three or four networks to choose from, so your options were limited. Sure, you could have written an angry letter to the local paper, but the network executives would never see it. You could call the local station, and they would have given you the standard line, "Thanks for sharing your concerns with us; I'll forward your complaint to the proper channels," and of course, the network executives would never hear about it.  End Cancel Culture! Once upon a time,  the folks trying to get shit canceled were the religious wackos. The little old church ladies who were offended by the sight of Elvis gyrating his hips on Ed Sullivan, and rather than turn it off, they had to stare at the screen and complain aloud to no one in particular about how the youth were so immoral. Once upon a time, it was the educated liberals who were standing up f

Welcome to the Angry Rants Blog by Daniel D!

Greetings and salutations, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, they's and them's, or whatever freaking pronoun you prefer to use in your confused and ungrammatical state of self-awareness. This is a new blog I'm doing called " Angry Rants !" The Angry Rants Blog! Hello World! And Fuck You Too! This is my first post on this blog, so "Hello world...and fuck you too!" In this post, I will tell you who I am, what my message is, who my target audience is, and what you can expect to get out of reading this blog. My name is Daniel D. I am not an alcoholic, because I have rediscovered marijuana. As the late comedian Bill Hicks overserved, pot is a much better drug than alcohol and much better for you. But even though I have been delivered from my alcoholism -- Hallelujah! -- by the heavenly herb, I still use the pen name "Daniel D" for two reasons: (1) I like the feel and format of recovery programs and (2) I love the writings of Franz Kafka and hi